Jan 23rd, 2016

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles (SDH/GL) March 2013 Cover and pages 44-53 “Japanese Farmhouse Modern”

SDH/GL October 2010 Cover and pages 42-50 “Balancing Act” (we were also on the KUSI TV morning show at this same time)

SDH/GL March 2010 I can’t find the issue but pretty sure it is the Craftsman/Bungalow style on Torrey Pines Road

SDH/GL February 2007 Cover and pages 50-51, 57-58 “Wide-open Home”

SDH/GL May 2005 Pages 98-103 “Concrete Cocoon”

SDH/GL November 2004 Pages 74-75, 94 “A Gathering Place”

Decor and Style August 2005 pages 68 - 77 “Summer Lovin’”

Fine Homebuilding August/September 2001 pages 98-103 “A Top Floor With a Low Profile”

Fine Homebuilding August/September 2006 pages 82-87 “La Jolla Jewel”

Ranch & Coast June 2006 pages 83-85 “Mr Belvedere: Elegance of the Unexpected”

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchens and Bath Ideas November/December 2005 pages 82-89 “Medieval Spirit”

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchens and Bath Ideas March/April 2006 Cover and pages 72-77 “Luxury Skybox”

Better Homes and Gardens Home Planning Ideas Winter 2003 Cover and pages 68-77 “Seaside Sophisticate”

Great Kitchens and Bath Ideas (Meredith Specials) 2009 Pages 4, 58-67 “Stone Aged”

Dream Kitchens (Meredith Specials) Volume 4, #1, 2007 Pages 120-125 “Fit for a Castle”

and we found the Tuscan Style issue, (Meredith Specials) Spring 2011 Cover and pages 128-137

Riviera San Diego November 2013 page 67